Have you ever seen an Adder in the snow?
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I could have met him

Tom Hiddleston is in London at the London Natural History museum on my birthday June 15th….which is also fathers day. I could have gone down to meet him, I had the chance to go with friends.

But you know what. I chose not to, don’t get me wrong a part of me knows what I am missing out on here, the chance to meet an Idol, tell him why he’s an influence, get a picture and an Autograph and the special feeling you get when you meet someone you adore but there is a part of me that is….a bit glad I chose not to.

For one I know there is no way in hell I’d get close enough, there will be people at the front who would have been queuing for hours to see him, the most I’d probably get is a glimpse of my Idol. For two I’m not a keen lover of London and I’d probably wouldn’t be at my best if I EVER did get chance to meet him and I wanna look my best for my Idols…not some scruffy haggered urchin who had just stepped off the tube XD

Historically I was born on Fathers day…I have been the apple of my Fathers eyes….and my grandfather…..who is not very well, he has Dementia and he was and still is one of my heroes. So….as much as I’d love to meet Tom…I’m gonna have to cancel on him because right now I know how important it is to be around my dad right now, I know he needs me and I know I have a duty to make this fathers day special as much as he wants my birthday to be special.

I mean one day………Maybe….I’ll meet my Idol and get a picture of me and him or one day I’ll get to say hello to him and get that all important Hiddles hug off him, only if he is willing though, I wouldn’t be one of those fans that would force myself upon him, in fact I’d be the one fan who’d smile at him and shy away.

I mean……Look maybe someone who is going could ask him for a happy birthday for me and if someone is going and they can get that for me…..That would just be all I want, A message from Tom saying “Happy birthday Emma, hope you have a good one” I mean to some people it won’t be much, to some it’ll probably be pointless but for me right now….It would mean the world to me because God only knows how hard it is for me some days to keep being strong when some days you just want to cry and pray one day strong arms from your Idol hold you and tell you “It’ll be alright”

So that’s the choice I made…I just hope the weather is good and those going get to meet Tom :)

Get behind me. Please?

Okay So to my watchers/Followers I apologise for taking time out for a brief minute to put something serious up.

I’m gonna be doing something amazing in October. I have never done something like this before and it’s going to push me and maybe break me but it’s all for a good cause.

I am going to run in a fun run for Charity, to honour my grandfather who is suffering with Ventricle Dementia and Dementia. Okay so it’s only a 3 mile fun run. Which to many might seem alot but to me is alot. However long distance running runs in the family. My Grandfather use to be a county champion for the RAF, hence why I am doing this….

I dunno how elese to put it but if anyone of you can sponsor me and get behind me that will be amazing. Any amount will help.

Added bonus. I’m gonna be dressing as Thor because my Grandfather liked his norse mythology.

So..If anyone wants to, here is the link to my just giving page Help Adder24

nd even if you don’t help, just taking the time out to read this means alot.

Thank you guys.