Have you ever seen an Adder in the snow?
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Get behind me. Please?

Okay So to my watchers/Followers I apologise for taking time out for a brief minute to put something serious up.

I’m gonna be doing something amazing in October. I have never done something like this before and it’s going to push me and maybe break me but it’s all for a good cause.

I am going to run in a fun run for Charity, to honour my grandfather who is suffering with Ventricle Dementia and Dementia. Okay so it’s only a 3 mile fun run. Which to many might seem alot but to me is alot. However long distance running runs in the family. My Grandfather use to be a county champion for the RAF, hence why I am doing this….

I dunno how elese to put it but if anyone of you can sponsor me and get behind me that will be amazing. Any amount will help.

Added bonus. I’m gonna be dressing as Thor because my Grandfather liked his norse mythology.

So..If anyone wants to, here is the link to my just giving page Help Adder24

nd even if you don’t help, just taking the time out to read this means alot.

Thank you guys.